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Ian originally booked in for two days one at the end of March and the other at the beginning of Apri

Ian, a local lad from Lymington wanted to get to know a bit about woodturning before he purchased a lathe and tools. As a complete beginner I suggested that he attend a day course (or two) before he went about spending money on lathes and tools! There are a lot of tools on the market that are inferior and not that suitable for purpose - I would be able to advise him on what to buy and what he would need to start off with. I normally say that at this stage you would need a minimum of a couple of days of tuition, one for bowl turning and one for spindle turning (these don't have to be consecutive) to give you practical knowledge of how the tools work and which tools to use for certain jobs. I would also be able to show you how to mount the work on the lathe safely! This is Ian getting to know the tools..................

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