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New dust extractor installed


I needed a more powerful extractor in the workshop as I found that with more than two lathes being worked my old one was not coping as well as it should.  This Jet DC1100A is more powerful and as it is situated in the "garden room" it is out of the workshop environment so dust exposure is massively reduced in the workshop.  This machine has been upgraded to handle finer dusts with the addition of a 1 micron filter cartridge. Fitted with a high efficiency steel fan and the unique "Vortex" cone design which maintains a high collection performance by preventing premature clogging of the filter. This works by separating the waste from the airflow and diverting the waste  into the collecting bag.  My trusty old Sceppach extractor is now situated in the wood store where i cut up all my wood blanks using my Sceppach bandsaw and Kity planer Thicknesser.

New dust extractor installed: News & Updates
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