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Graham Guppy had to cancel his New Forest Caravan site visit due to the snow - but travelled down by

Graham had booked in well in advance for his lesson to fit in with a short stay at a local caravan site close to the New Forest, and about 5 mins from my workshop - unfortunately, this second spell of snow put paid to that plan and the site was closed for a couple of days! Not to be put off though, Graham travelled down by car to attend and this is what he had to say about the experience: - I've recently attended a very informative wood turning course with Andy at his place in the New Forest. During the session it became apparent that my wood turning tools were not suited for the production of bowls but would be more suitable for turning of spindles, I'm now looking to purchase the more ap

Mike re-turned (!) for a second go!

Mike came for a lesson with his daughter a couple of weeks ago and decided that he would like to have another go! As he lives in Ringwood about 15 mins drive from me this was easily arranged and it was good to see how he had taken in all the information from his first lesson! Here is how Mike got on..............

Thanks Andy. Much appreciated. Definitely see you again ............... Long haul journey for Alista

Alistair was another re-scheduled visit because of the snow in early March. He had a long journey from London by train travelling to Salisbury Station and then on by taxi to Fordingbridge - he does not need a car in London! As he is a school teacher his two visits were oranised for two conscutive Saturdays to 'fit in with his day job' - we try to fit in with everyone and as he was booked in for a course in furniture making on a tradle lathe in April it was a bit of a squeeze to get him prepared for this with the course under his belt - the first day of his two day course he wanted to concentrate on spindle turning and the different cuts for this very reason. Snow was forecast that evening

An excellent day's tuition - well suited to a pair of absolute beginners! Andy & Lin Burton

Andy and Lin finally managed to attend their combined lesson which was first booked for 2nd March - the first day of the 'Beast From the East' and lots of snow! We all decided that their journey from Dorchester was never going to happen and rebooked for 16th March - little did we know at the time that there was going to be a return of the 'white stuff' forcast again, but no where near as bad as the first one! As Andy is a vegetarian, Lin went along with him and lunch was a vegetable Lasagna - we do cater for vegetarians! Both did very well during the day and both completed and finished their bowls for the day to a good standard - here is what Lin had to say: - An excellent day's tuition -

It's not always that tidy!!

One of the first comments I get when I have 'guests' is how do you keep your workshop so tidy? So, here are some before and after pictures to show that this is not always so!

Mike Scott and his daughter.......

Mike Scott and his daughter booked for a lesson on Friday, being a 'local lad' from Ringwood it was not that far for them to travel! Both did well on their first attempt at turning and it has encouraged him to carry on the art buying his own lathe in the very near future! Here is how they got on, on the day

Wow, never thought I would get a visit from Kate Moss...........

Martine took the first message by email - from Kate Moss and made the most of the similarity of the name with the model as you do! Well, after speaking to her and booked her in for a lesson I realised it was not the same one! Kate arrived on the Wednesday and quickly told me what she wanted to achieve from the lesson, so we started on spindle turning and control of the tools which she handled well. Kate had learnt a bit about turning with her Dad previously and had inherited most of his woodworking tools and a couple of lathes - I suggested she brought along her tools and we would see how we got on with them. We turned a couple of other items and finished the day off with an apple, which

And so 'The Big Freeze' descended..

The beginning of March heralded a freezing start and the descent of a lot of white stuff called snow creating havoc wherever it settled! I had three classes booked on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday but all were cancelled as many had a long journey to get here and it was doubtfull if the roads were passable, our lane certainly wasn't! All three courses were postponed to later dates for safer driving conditions! The workshop was nice and toasty, but no students in sight! Front of the house with the eyebrow window.... Overnight freezing rain left about 4mm of ice on the cars... Although it did not look that deep it drifted about - view from the bedroom window! Martine managed to get down a

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