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There is light at the end of the tunnel!

One of my favourite items to turn are hollow forms, but a lack of directional illumination was always a problem so I had a slot milled in the back of the VB36's tool rest to suit one of the Woodart LED lights - it is ideal and brightly shines into hollow forms and deep vases!

Janet enjoyed her half day turning tuition!

Janet was a complete novice and was given a gift voucher for a present. She came from Kent and stayed locally the night before so that she was nearby for the next days lesson - as is often the case, most people have to travel some distance to get to us so normally they make a weekend out of it and come to the New Forest and a lesson for a nice break!

Mrs Dalboth and son booked in for a half day session

Mrs Dalboth and her son from Windsor were booked in by Robert Dalboth (husband/father) for a half day session to take place just before the son went back to university. Both did very well in the short space of time and managed to produce a bowl each in just three hours tuition! Well done both of you - hope to see you back soon to progress even further!

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