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An educational trip................

This day was booked for English teacher Robert's first lesson in woodturning! The day was enjoyed by both Robert and his wife Deborah with both successfully turning bowls on the day!

Keen at the age of Nine!

At the end of this month saw a first for me - little lad wanted to have a go at woodturning, so William at the age of 9 (accompanied by his Aunt Julie and Grandfather) was initiated into the art! As I don't normally teach 'juniors' but this lad and his Aunt Julie were so keen that I could not turn them down, and the half day lesson turned out as a learning curve for all of us! All my lathes, height wise are built for 'adults' so we managed to find a couple of breeze blocks outside for William to stand on so he was turning at the correct height . Julie had booked the lesson for William but decided to join him as well - the end result after 3 hours, two well turned bowls and some wonderful

Bit different from his day job - from roof joist carpentry to monkey puzzles!

Aaron attended a two day course last week and on the first day we produced this lovely monkey puzzle bowl for him to take home with him. On the second day Aaron wanted to learn more about how to use the different tools so we went through the various tools that you would use for spindle turning, using and sharpening the spindle gouge, using a skew chisel and then we had a go at turning some beads and coves followed by some end grain hollowing using the various tools. We also went through all the differnt ways you can safely mount the wood on the lathe and why, and how you would rough out a bowl from green wood (wet wood). We had a great couple of days and Aaron went away with some new skills

Here come the girls..............................!

Last week I had a booking from three ladies, although I normally only book for two, these three were so keen to come for a lesson together that I gave in - what a day!! Hilary had turned before so she was happy to stand back for a little while as I set up Amelia and Ellen initially to turn their own bowls! Hilary was asking about the suitability of her gouges (which she had brought with her) sharpening and loads of other questions which I hope I answered to her satisfaction along with some general advice- she also turned her own bowl as you can see! Lovely day girls, I enjoyed the company and you were all a pleasure to instruct with some good banter along the way! Hope to see you all ret

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