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Burr Poplar Platter

Step by step process explained............

1. I selected this 16" x 2.5" Burr Poplar blank from my wood store which I had originally purchased from Yandals. This was one of four that I managed to get from one single plank.

2. Using a 1/4" bowl gauge, taking light cuts to try and obtain a good finish prior to sanding.  This was a very 'fluffy' soft wood with random grain making it awkward to get a good finish - awkward but woth the effort!

2. Using a 1/4" bowl gauge and taking light cuts to obtain a good finish, prior to sanding. A very 'fluffy' soft wood with random grain making it awkward to get a good finish, but well worth the effort!

3. Shear cutting using a 1/2" bowl gauge with a long grind on the surface with a razor sharp edge proved more effective then the 1/4" bowl gouge - more stability with the the thicker shaft as there was less vibration. Oil applied to the surface prior to cutting helped with the torn grain.

4. A good base prior to sanding.

5. Wet sanded with oil ready for reversing.

6. Blank reversed. I had decided to mount the blank using a 4" face plate because the wood was too soft for a single screw - a much safer option!

7. Removing the center, I had the same problem trying to get the best finish possible with the tool. The wood 'fought' me all the way home. I then reverted to sandpaper.

8. A pretty bit of wood - this blank had the lease figuring out of the four.

9. Reverse turning to remove the foot.

10. Mounted on the bench Vac chuck to remove the center stub, and sanded for a good finish.

The finished platter with a couple of coats of lemon oil. A nice piece but quite a challenge to get a good finish - sharp tools were a must!

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