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Thanks Andy. Much appreciated. Definitely see you again ............... Long haul journey for Alista

Alistair was another re-scheduled visit because of the snow in early March. He had a long journey from London by train travelling to Salisbury Station and then on by taxi to Fordingbridge - he does not need a car in London! As he is a school teacher his two visits were oranised for two conscutive Saturdays to 'fit in with his day job' - we try to fit in with everyone and as he was booked in for a course in furniture making on a tradle lathe in April it was a bit of a squeeze to get him prepared for this with the course under his belt - the first day of his two day course he wanted to concentrate on spindle turning and the different cuts for this very reason. Snow was forecast that evening so the joke was that it followed him wherever he went! Here is how Alistair got on..........

This is what we woke up to the next day, so the visit was well timed - workshop looks 'very pretty' though!

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