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Tim - wonderful words ................many thanks!

Finally this last week saw Tim Burden re-awaken his love of turning! He has a lathe at home but was struggling to get to grips with turning again after a long break. We went through the process of how to sharpen his gouges and the correct angles, and he commenced turning his own bowl with a renewed enthusiasm! This lesson was a birthday present from his family and I hope he enjoyed every minuite of it. Here is what he had to say in a review of the day on the Craft Course website - thank you for the excellent review!

"I did a small amount of wood turning about 10 years ago and recently decided to dig out the old lathe and have another go. This did not go too well and so I decided that I needed to get some help. I came across Andy’s Web site and read the reviews which were all excellent. My children gave me a day course as a Birthday gift. On the day of my course I arrived at Andy’s workshop and straight away was made to feel at home. I had brought my own gouges so Andy could check my sharpening technique. I soon realised that I had no sharpening technique ! Andy reshaped and sharpened my gouges and we made a start on a bowl. I found Andy very patient and he explained things clearly. When I got it wrong he just showed me again. I learnt a great amount during the day and went home with the confidence to practice what I had been shown. Now my gouges are sharp things are starting to go a bit better on my old lathe. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning wood turning. I don’t normally pay much attention to reviews but I totally agree with all the good comments made by previous students. I would definitely like to attend one of Andy’s other courses once I have had some more turning time. Roll on next birthday".

Tim Burden

Good luck with your turning Tim - may all your bowls be round ones!

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