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Keen at the age of Nine!

At the end of this month saw a first for me - little lad wanted to have a go at woodturning, so William at the age of 9 (accompanied by his Aunt Julie and Grandfather) was initiated into the art!

As I don't normally teach 'juniors' but this lad and his Aunt Julie were so keen that I could not turn them down, and the half day lesson turned out as a learning curve for all of us! All my lathes, height wise are built for 'adults' so we managed to find a couple of breeze blocks outside for William to stand on so he was turning at the correct height . Julie had booked the lesson for William but decided to join him as well - the end result after 3 hours, two well turned bowls and some wonderful smiling faces! Really enjoyed the afternoon with William and Julie and it really goes to show how keen the youngsters are to learn a few forgotten trades in this modern world of app's and 'twitters'...................

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